Creating Opportunities for Detroiters

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Our Vision

Detroit’s east Jefferson corridor and its neighborhoods is a regionally competitive and business-friendly district with equitable economic opportunities for residents and businesses.

Our Mission

Growing Detroit’s east Jefferson corridor and its neighborhoods through facilitative leadership, collaborative partnership, innovative and impactful programming.


Five Historic Detroit Neighborhoods

JEI represents 5 distinct neighborhoods along the east Jefferson corridor and provides programming within a boundary area of 18.4 square miles and represent approximately 42,120 residents.

 From historic homes and modern apartment buildings, living and working along the corridor provides amazing access to Detroit's city parks, nationall renowed Belle Isle, the active RiverWalk and connections to the Dequindre Cut,

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Lafayette & Elmwood Park

A lush urban oasis, Lafayette Park is home to the world-famous Mies van der Rohe Residential District; a 78-acre community of one and two-story townhomes, a small neighborhood shopping center and two highrises adjacent to a 19-acre park.  Its proximity to the Dequindre Cut and the Detroit River make it one of the most vibrant and exclusive areas in the city.



Facing the Detroit River and easy access to the prized RiverWalk and William G. Milliken State Park, any resident living in the historic Alden condo building or the new Orleans Landing Apartments will tell you how much they love waterfront living.  Catch a concert at Chene Park, grab a beer at the local brewery, or have fun with the kids at the DNR Outdoor Adventure Center, this cobble-stone street neighborhood has caught the attention of new residents and businesses! Ride a Mogo Detroit bike to get an ice-cream, fly a kite, or just stare at the barges passing by on the river while relaxing near the light house. 


The Villages

he Villages—defined by six unique neighborhoods-- are home to a quaint and quirky cross-section of professionals, families and artists. Magnificent homes designed by well-known architects such as Albert Kahn and Louis Kamper and beautiful multi-family housing, make this an easy choice for many people to call this place home.  More recent, local entrepreneurs invested in this neighborhood by opening up new shops and restaurants, returning this area into an active area. The Villages walkable tree-lined streets, proximity to Belle Isle, one Michigan’s only urban parks and access to the Detroit Riverfront, make this are highly desirable.

JEI works closely with our partner, The Villages Community Development Corporation, working to make this neighborhood a better place to live.


Marina District

One of Detroit’s busiest blueways, the Marina District offers a unique blend of sailing, boating and industry. Complemented by modern housing options and affordable riverfront access, this neighborhood is one of Detroit’s best kept secrets. Tens of thousands of people visit the many marinas and yacht clubs each year, helping to preserve and protect Detroit’s often forgotten maritime identity.





A deep history and known for its citizen activism and engagement, the Jefferson-Chalmers district is a racially diverse and resilient neighborhood. Beautiful historic buildings along East Jefferson and magnificent bungalow homes nestled along the only area with “secret” river canals and island-living in the City Detroit. 

Waterfront access parks, free boat launches, kayaking, fishing on the pier, and 100-year old brick streets, long-term residents have preserved their neighborhood charm. Their work now captures the attention of new residents and businesses looking to establish a business or buy a new home. A neighborhood in transition—both positive and negative—long-time Detroiters remain influential and connected essential to restoring their neighborhood.

JEI affectionately calls the Jefferson-Chalmers neighborhood “homeland”. It’s where the organization formed and dedicated its mission to supporting growth and change in the area.